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Looking Beyond Einstein

The reflection of photons from mirrors reveals that Einstein’s special theory of relativity (STR)
does not withstand the rigour of mathematics. Falsification by contradiction is a method that was known to the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, and is valid today as it was then. I show that STR contradicts the principle of relativity, thus : Einstein’s 1905 special theory of relativity is false.


Spherical Numbers

A spherical-number is a point on a sphere in a complex volume that is defined by orthogonal orientated imaginary unit numbers, and form a multidimensional division algebra over the reals that is associative, commutative and distributive.


Spherical Waves

A mult-dimensional solution to the wave equation is presented. This solution can be described as a spherical wave object that does not dilute with time and distance.


Sacrificing Einstein

SacriEinst Why we must let go of a foundation of relativity.

That is the question author Stuart Clark addresses in the cover story “Differently equal” of the 19 January 2013 NewScientist edition, in which he reports sciences quest to find an exception to the equivalence principle .